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617 W 7th Street

Los Angeles, CA

Leasing Center

Listed below is the space available at 617 W 7th Street. Click on each suite number for specific space details. Floor Plans, if available, can be downloaded using Adobe Acrobat Reader. For more information, please call 617 W 7th Street at .
SPACE DETAILS: Suite Suite 1100

Suite Suite 1100
Floor 11th Floor
Square Feet 4,887 RSF
Rate/SF $3.35/RSF
Available Yes
Floor Plan

Last Update: December 5, 2021

Floor Suite Rate/SF SF Available
11th Floor Suite 1100 $3.35/RSF
4,887 RSF
11th Floor Suite 1105 $3.35/RSF
2,254 RSF
3rd Floor Suite 300 $3.35/RSF
1,882 RSF
4th Floor Suite 400 $3.35/RSF
16,520 RSF
5th Floor Suite 504 $3.35/RSF
3,196 RSF
6th Floor Suite 605 $3.35/RSF
2,284 RSF
7th Floor Suite 700 $3.35/RSF
7,345 RSF
7th Floor Suite 702 $3.35/RSF
4,032 RSF
7th Floor Suite 702 $3.35/RSF
4,032 RSF
7th Floor Suite 704 $3.35/RSF
3,009 RSF
7th Floor Suite 705 $3.35/RSF
2,243 RSF
8th Floor Suite 800 $3.35/RSF
16,074 RSF
9th Floor Suite 900 $3.35/RSF
16,168 RSF

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