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Signage & Directory

Upon Move-in, each Tenant is provided with a building identification suite sign and is added to the electronic lobby directory. In addition, if located on a multi-tenant floor, the tenant’s name will also be listed on the floor directional signage. Please refer to the Lease Agreement to determine whether any costs are attributable to your company. All signage must conform to the building standards and changes to existing or replacement signage are subject to additional charges.

All requests for signage alterations must be submitted in writing to Building Management. This will help ensure no misunderstandings and help to expedite the process.

Please utilize the building work order system to request a new sign and/or make a change to an existing one.

Requests received will be reviewed and approved by Building Management. A proposal with the Actual Cost plus Administrative Fee referenced in the lease will then be sent for review and approval.

Signage orders can take approximately four (4) to six (6) weeks for delivery.