The Swig Company


617 W 7th Street

Los Angeles, CA

Energy Star Partner


617 West 7th Street is equipped with five (5) passenger elevators and one (1) freight elevator. The passenger elevators are located in the ground floor lobby located off of 7th Street. Four of the elevators travel from the ground floor to the twelfth (12th) floor and one (1) elevator travels from the Basement to the twelfth (12th) floor. The freight elevator is located on Hope Street. Cardkeys with elevator access are required for use of the Passenger and Freight elevators.


All moves into and out of the Building as well as the delivery of large items must be coordinated with Building Management a minimum of 72-hours prior to the scheduled move or delivery.

To schedule a move or large delivery, please email Elizabeth Chan at and Sally Discipulo at with the following information:

  • Date and Time
  • Type of Move or Delivery
  • Items being moved or delivered
  • Name of Moving Company or Vendor
  • Certificates of Insurance for 617 West 7th Street