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General Safety Guidelines

For your safety, your cooperation is requested in observing the following building safety guidelines:

  • Immediately notify Security at (213) 362-0557 of loiters or suspicious individuals in corridors or restrooms.
  • Turn away all solicitors and immediately report them to security.
  • Always lock your suite when there is no one in the office, even if you have just stepped out for a quick moment.
  • Always remember to take suite keys and the building cardkey with you when leaving the premises.
  • Do not leave personal valuables unguarded in reception areas, on desk tops or in unlocked drawers.
  • Immediately notify the police and Building Management at (213) 362-0550 of any crimes.
  • Call Building Management to cancel the key card of any employee who resigns.
  • Copy and distribute these general guidelines to the entire staff.

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